Mentoring at OpenClassrooms

What is mentoring at OpenClassrooms?

What is a mentor?

The mentoring sessions

  • Take place every week

  • 1:1 sessions

  • Are held exclusively via videoconference

Students' testimonials

  • I was apprehensive about the exams because I have high expectations for myself. I was also worried about the time constraint. But my mentor was very attentive, without judgment, and helped me to prepare myself in the best and most efficient way


    Student Career Coach

  • My mentor brings me his expertise on projects. But above all, he is an expert, who gives me a long-term vision as well as helpful advice to adopt the right posture as a project manager


    Digital Project Manager Student

Why become a mentor for the right reasons?

  • To study with OpenClassrooms is above all to be accompanied by an active professional. The mentors give clear weekly objectives, to help students take a step back


    Mentor UX Designer

What are the steps required to become a mentor?